November 30, 2008

Love in the Time of Darwinism

Great article on what's wrong in the dating world today.

November 29, 2008

Keep Microsoft Out of the Search Business

True story: I've been trying to download Service Pack 3 for Windows XP. Yes, I realize this was released some time ago and admit that I'm more than a bit lazy. But every time I try to download it, the download fails.

It just doesn't fail, it fails with no explanation or error code. I've already gone through the FAQ, but without an error code it's a bit pointless. The FAQ did, however, bring to light certain issues, such as available free drive space, though I would think that 21GB is more than enough, even for Microsoft.

Then I noticed a handy search tool, that will search through their data library and give you articles that help.

Here are my results (note, this is after I simplified my search from 'service pack 3 download failure', at the suggestiong of the search tool):


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November 28, 2008

Guns N' Roses - Chinese Democracy

It's the day that I thought would never come. Last Sunday I stopped at Best Buy (the only retailer to carry it BTW) and picked up my copy of the new Guns N' Roses album, Chinese Democracy.

It seems like every year for the past 15 or so, GNR has announced that this album was ready. But it has never appeared. It's been a running joke for so long that's it's hard to remember when the band actually released something (that would be the 1997 flop, The Spaghetti Incident?).

In a bold move, the band posted the entire album on their MySpace page (though currently only 6 songs are up). Needless to say, after years of hype amounting to nothing, plus Axl's poor performance record at live shows (not showing up or inciting riots), I listened to the entire thing before going out to make my purchase.

What I heard surprised me. Granted, this album is not Appetite for Destruction. But with that said, it's a damn good album, one that flows from front to back really well. There are a few songs that aren't all that, but no bombs. And yes, it's obviously been re-re-re-dubbed, but that's to be expected for a project that's taken over a decade and features members that are no longer with the band.

So okay, it's Guns N' Roses...or maybe it's more accurate to say that it's Axl Rose and his current band. And it took so long to produce that it became a running joke. It's not as good as Appetite for Destruction. But I've got to face it, it's a good album, way better than Spaghetti Incident? and I'll even say Use Your Illusion I and II (which can really be boiled down to one good album, once you remove all the fluff). It's worth at least a listen.

November 10, 2008


I just saw Nine Inch Nails in New!

There's actual footage on YouTube from this concert, it's a short montage showing some of the highlights (unfortunately, the first 20 seconds or so are the opening band, Health, though at least the clip isn't as bad as their singing).

I went to this one with my son, who's as big a fan as I am. He had a blast, though by the end was totally exhausted (as was I). We did get separated momentarily during the third song, March of the Pigs, when we found ourselves at the epicenter of a spontaneous mosh pit. So yes, we've both been in the pit, and survived to tell the tale!

For a better idea of what we saw, check this clip from a previous concert.

November 07, 2008


Last night I got to see Nine Inch Nails in the House of Blues, which is in the Showboat casino in Atlantic City.

It's not a big room, more like an oversized club. Actually, it reminded me of the Starland Ballroom, except there was a 2nd floor that had seating.

The set list was so energetic it could almost be called exhausting. Other than The Frail, followed of course by The Wretched, one instrumental from Ghosts, and of course Hurt, the entire set list was jammed with high energy songs. Plus the lead singer from Bauhaus came onstage to sing Reptile. Great show.

November 04, 2008

Election Fatigue

Today I voted, as I've done in every election since I turned 18. As usual, I researched the candidates carefully on the interwebs, finally deciding on 4 Republicans and 2 Democrats (oddly enough, no Independents or Libertarians this time...oh, and McCain/Palin was one of the Republican votes BTW).

I voted first thing this morning. "Finally, my work here is done." A sense of relief washed over me, no more worries about the election, I'd now done everything in my power to choose.

Unfortunately, election news has been all over the radio all afternoon. I've had a headache all afternoon, couldn't wait to get home to a cold beer. Now it's clogging the Information Superhighway that I'm so thankful Al Gore invented.

At this point I've heard it all: If McCain (seemingly pronounced McSame in Democratic circles) is elected, then America will soon be at war with the entire world. We'll have to give guns to newborn babies, so they can be shipped off to die on foreign soil. The Whore of Babylon will come forth from a sea of blood, ushering in the reign of the anti-Christ. Meanwhile, if Obama is elected, his health care, college tuition and other social programs will cost so much that he'll have to tax everyone but the dirt poor. The free market economy will collapse. Dogs and cats will live together. It will rain basketball-sized hail, frogs, and blood, at the same time.

I mean, seriously, the doomsayers have really gone over the top. America has survived worst presidencies. At least this time both candidates seem to be ok people, out for the best in America and not just their own personal glory or power trip. May the best man win. Now, where's that beer?