November 23, 2007

The Mist

Wednesday night, after work, I went out to see Stephen King's The Mist.

This is a great story that feels like something H.P. Lovecraft might have written. It's always been one of my favorite King stories. I remember reading this way back in 1985 and wishing they'd make a film out of it. Now my dreams have been made manifest!

The great thing about the movie is how well it tracks with the book. I checked Thanksgiving morning and, with the exception of giving it an actual ending, it's very true to the book. Much of the dialogue is word-for-word.

The characters are much like real people in how they are all very much individuals, each reacting to the disaster in the only way they can.

The creatures in the mist, many of which remain shadowy or partially visible, are terrifying in their brutality and otherworldly-ness.

November 12, 2007

Shutting Down?

I'm thinking of shutting down this BLOG, in favor of MySpace (which also has a BLOG feature).


November 10, 2007

Star Wars Saga Poster

While it's not official, someone has put together a clever Star Wars Saga poster. Take a look, it's worth a download and perhaps you'll enjoy it, as I will, as computer wallpaper.

November 06, 2007

Beware the Blue Warning Tag

I've been seeing a lot of the blue handicapped tags in vehicle windshields. After what's becoming a countless number of experiences with these drivers, I've come to view these as warning or asshole tags.

For some reason, people who have these tags on their vehicles drive worse than teenagers. They're not just foolish, but foolishly brave.

While driving my big rig I have been: cut off, forced to avoid someone intent on merging into my side, not allowed to merge or change lanes even though I was signaling and adjusting my speed (hell, just a few days ago I was even forced off the road...on New Hampshire Ave in Lakewood, my old turf!).

I even had one driver jump right out in front of me after looking right at me, forcing me to slam on and smoke the brakes. But instead of picking up speed, he drove less than a quarter mile only to jam on his brakes and then signal a turn!

I've come to realize that the people with these tags on their cars either should not be driving at all (as proven by their obvious lack of ability), or they feel they have special rights to do crazy things because they are indeed handicapped.

Whenever I see this tag, I worry. And easily 19 times out of 20, the driver does something insanely stupid. I just make sure I'm as far away as possible when it happens.

November 04, 2007

Bob Ross Paints Star Wars?!?

Say it is not so...yet verily it is true. See for yerself!