November 04, 2008

Election Fatigue

Today I voted, as I've done in every election since I turned 18. As usual, I researched the candidates carefully on the interwebs, finally deciding on 4 Republicans and 2 Democrats (oddly enough, no Independents or Libertarians this time...oh, and McCain/Palin was one of the Republican votes BTW).

I voted first thing this morning. "Finally, my work here is done." A sense of relief washed over me, no more worries about the election, I'd now done everything in my power to choose.

Unfortunately, election news has been all over the radio all afternoon. I've had a headache all afternoon, couldn't wait to get home to a cold beer. Now it's clogging the Information Superhighway that I'm so thankful Al Gore invented.

At this point I've heard it all: If McCain (seemingly pronounced McSame in Democratic circles) is elected, then America will soon be at war with the entire world. We'll have to give guns to newborn babies, so they can be shipped off to die on foreign soil. The Whore of Babylon will come forth from a sea of blood, ushering in the reign of the anti-Christ. Meanwhile, if Obama is elected, his health care, college tuition and other social programs will cost so much that he'll have to tax everyone but the dirt poor. The free market economy will collapse. Dogs and cats will live together. It will rain basketball-sized hail, frogs, and blood, at the same time.

I mean, seriously, the doomsayers have really gone over the top. America has survived worst presidencies. At least this time both candidates seem to be ok people, out for the best in America and not just their own personal glory or power trip. May the best man win. Now, where's that beer?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I for one, am glad it is over. I'm not happy with the "pre" work that the incoming administration is trying to push through. Already the anti-second amendment rights people are out there which has actually elevated gun sales, in case these folks aren't aware, the US SUPREME COURT has ruled that the Second Amendment is an INDIVIDUAL RIGHT, and if articles that I'm reading are true, the new administration is a "leveler" group that thinks that you're not smart enough or skilled enough to save for your future, so they are going to do it for you, and, they plan to redistribute the "wealth" to all people that think that they are entitled to your hard earned money and are going after 401Ks and IRAs. So much for not taxing the middle class.

They need to quit looking at band aides and actually try to solve the problem responsibly. You NEVER want the government messing with your money and dictating a so-called "guaranteed" retirement plan.

7:25 AM  

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