March 14, 2009

The Essence of Reality

Attended a very interesting talk Friday night on how each of us views reality through our own unique filter, and how by making inner improvements you can change your own reality.

Okay, that's an extreme oversimplification, but it's the best I can do.

The gentleman in question is Thomas Daniel Nehrer, his book is called The Essence of Reality. He's also got a web site, where all the information in the book can be found (for free, no less!)

In my life I've read three books that changed everything: Tao Te Ching, The Four Agreements, and No More Mr. Nice Guy. I've kept a journal for over 10 years, which has helped me finally sort out my life and why I did such strange things, as well as record and interpret my dreams (which have meaning unique to the dreamer).

As a result of all my introspection, I was able to sit through this entire talk and 'get it'. Mr. Nehrer is a fellow human being who knows himself, thus is able to see the world as it truly is. He's definitely further along the path than me, but it's encouraging to see that my journey of inner enlightenment is not some fool's errand.

March 10, 2009

Left 4 Dead

Over the weekend I purchased Left 4 Dead. It's one of those cool shooters I like.

The setting for this one is a zombie apocalypse. You play one of four characters that work together as a group, four survivors who are somehow immune to what's happening: There's a grizzled Vietnam vet, a biker, a young black IT nerd, and a young girl who runs around shooting as opposed to screaming.

Oh, these aren't old school zombies, they're the new faster variety, ala the remake of Dawn of the Dead or 28 Day Later & 28 Weeks Later. So this game is friggin' intense!

What's more, the game AI that controls the zombies is known as The Director. It adjusts the game in real time, based on how your group is doing. So, all of a sudden, you could get mobbed by a horde of running zombies. Next time you play, when you get to the same spot maybe nothing happens. So each run through is a totally unique experience.

The music is controlled by the Music Directory, which adjusts the music (again, in real time).

If you like to shoot stuff and blow things up, as I do when I want to blow off some stress, then this is the game for you. As one of my buddies put it, this is an easy game to pick up and put down when you're done.

March 08, 2009


I finally got to see Watchmen today, all I can say is "Wow."

(Spoiler-free review)

I'm surprised just how much of the graphic novel made it into the final film. In some ways, the film may have been too faithful, but this was only in one or two of the scenes that dragged on a bit.

For as dark as this story goes (rape, murder and other violent crimes, vigilantes, plots against mankind), a surprising amount of humor made it to the screen. And no, I'm not talking about slap-stick or 'He-Haw', just funny lines and light moments.

This film, as awesome as it is, may suffer from being too cerebral. It's the opposite of X-Men 3, so much so that a lot of the film is devoted to pieces of deepening character interaction or introspection. Despite this being a superhero film, there's not a lot of fight scenes here...though when you finally get some, it's all memorable.

The main plot line does resolve weakly in the end; then again, this is true of the source material as well. It is a long movie (was in the theater for over 3 hours), but again it was very satisfying seeing something intelligent on the silver screen for a change.

In the end, I was satisfied. Not bad for the graphic novel long deemed 'unfilmable'.

March 04, 2009

Sir Reginald Droidworth III

Who knew he was such a wise-ass on set?

Episode 1

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