December 20, 2005


I saw the Peter Jackson remake of King Kong over the weekend. Let me tell you, I can't recommend this film highly enough.

Kong is a force of nature who beats everything down in his path, that alone leads to a couple of jaw-dropping moments. On the other hand, Jackson pulls off more of the same magic he performed with Gollum, you can actually feel the creature's emotions and sense a strong bond between him and the girl.

The island natives are no laughing matter. And there's one scene that will give you the shivers at best, nightmares at worst.

December 02, 2005

I Got A Job...No, Really!

The last word from Britton was, "If you have another opportunity, take it until we call you."

I followed their advice, partially.

Yesterday I accepted a job at PittOhio, starting on Monday. It's local delivery 5 days a week, so I'm home every day and all weekend long.

Randy worked there before, the only reason he moved on is because he got a better opportunity (J.B. Hunt is less hours, more money). The people at PittOhio still remember him, they asked me to pass along that he should stop by once in a while.

The best thing about this job is that I'm not being "thrown to the wolves" by any stretch of the imagination. The first week is all orientation and training in the terminal. Then I drive a straight truck for 2 months (the first few days with a trainer), before graduating to a tractor/trailer (again with a trainer, this time for up to a month).

I was in the office all afternoon filling out paperwork. The phones were ringing and everyone was working, but they all had a good attitude and were joking around. No bad attitudes, throwing chairs or browbeating. There was some cussing, but hey that's to be expected!