December 03, 2009

Zen Alarm Clock

So the other day I ordered a Zen Alarm Clock from Now & Zen (mine has bamboo finish and is set to the E cord). I messed around with it a bit yesterday evening, then woke up to it this morning.

Despite the fact that it's not as loud as a traditional alarm clock, I woke up to this no problem. There is also no snooze button, though the chime does ring more than once over the course of 15 minutes (each ring at a shorter interval than the last).

It looks somewhat stylish, though it's more functional than arty. This digital clock also closes to present a box, perfect for travel, and is the only one that currently works off AC power. The chime is much easier to listen to than the normal jarring klaxon of your typical alarm clock. Plus it's different, a trait that almost always draws me in.