January 14, 2007

Demons & Devils

Although I don't play D&D regularly anymore, every once in a while I check out the new books that've come out. Recently I noticed that Wizards has published two new hardcover books, one on the Abyss and the other on the Nine Hells.

Both of these have finally brought back the creatures missing from newer editions of the game, the demon and devil lords. Now I've never really been a big fan of using hell (those guys just follow too many rules for my taste), the demons have always been a fun bunch. And they're back in full glory: Orcus, Graz'zt, Demogorgon, all the old favs. It's like seeing long lost relatives again...sick, huh? :-)

January 07, 2007


I saw the new Mel Gibson film Apocalypto last weekend. What to say about this film...what to say...well, it was bloody. And brutal. This is not a film for the weak, or the faint of heart. It is a good story, just know that ye have been warned.