April 21, 2007

Year Zero

Earlier this week I picked up the new Nine Inch Nails album, Year Zero. It's a very "noisy" record, lots of electronic sounds are blended into the music.

This is a strange concept album, set 15 years in America's future where society is more controlled, ala George Orwell's 1984, but by using cutting edge technology. There are a number of web sites that tie in with this setting, including one on a water additive called Parepin. There are a whole bunch of articles set in this dystopian future. The Year Zero trailer contains footage of the Presence, a great hand that reaches out of the sky.

All told, it's very eerie stuff. If you like hard electronic music, then this album is for you...otherwise, you'll probably hate it almost immediately.

Back to Bensalem

Well, I'm all moved in back in Bensalem PA. Thanks again for Jim & Mike for helping me with my stuff, also to Jill and her posse (if you see this Jill I hope your friend is OK).

Coming back here feels like coming home. That's a really odd feeling for me, but I can't express it any other way.

April 09, 2007


Sunday evening I saw the new Tarantino/Rodriquez film Grindhouse. Man, what an incredible movie! The first half, Planet Terror, was an excellent homage to 70s zombie movies. The 2nd half, Deathproof, started off a little slow but ends in one of the best car chases of all time.

In between there are some great (albeit fake) trailers for other movies: Machete (about this ugly-ass mexican hitman who gets betrayed and comes back for revenge), Werewolf Women of the SS (yes, this is exactly what it sounds like), DON'T (a horror movie: DON'T open that door, DON'T go in that house, etc.), and Thanksgiving (a 70s serial killer movie ala Jason or Halloween, except this one is in Plymouth Mass. and the killer is dressed like a pilgrim).

As cheesy and as gory as it is, this is a movie worth seeing in the theatre. (incidentally, the film is supposed to look like it's been used up in lots of theatres.)

April 01, 2007

House Hunting Bust

Well, I did my best and right now it's not good enough...for owning my own home, that is. While I am approved for a mortgage, let's just say that the amount lets me buy a house in the worst drug and crime infested neighborhoods. Call me cynical, but this doesn't sound like a great goal to shoot for!

So I'm going back to an apartment...back to where I used to live, to be exact. Just not the same building, so it's a shorter walk and I'll have a bit more privacy (2nd floor balcony instead of ground floor). I move in 2 weeks, on the 14th. It'll be good to be out on my own again.