April 09, 2007


Sunday evening I saw the new Tarantino/Rodriquez film Grindhouse. Man, what an incredible movie! The first half, Planet Terror, was an excellent homage to 70s zombie movies. The 2nd half, Deathproof, started off a little slow but ends in one of the best car chases of all time.

In between there are some great (albeit fake) trailers for other movies: Machete (about this ugly-ass mexican hitman who gets betrayed and comes back for revenge), Werewolf Women of the SS (yes, this is exactly what it sounds like), DON'T (a horror movie: DON'T open that door, DON'T go in that house, etc.), and Thanksgiving (a 70s serial killer movie ala Jason or Halloween, except this one is in Plymouth Mass. and the killer is dressed like a pilgrim).

As cheesy and as gory as it is, this is a movie worth seeing in the theatre. (incidentally, the film is supposed to look like it's been used up in lots of theatres.)


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