April 01, 2007

House Hunting Bust

Well, I did my best and right now it's not good enough...for owning my own home, that is. While I am approved for a mortgage, let's just say that the amount lets me buy a house in the worst drug and crime infested neighborhoods. Call me cynical, but this doesn't sound like a great goal to shoot for!

So I'm going back to an apartment...back to where I used to live, to be exact. Just not the same building, so it's a shorter walk and I'll have a bit more privacy (2nd floor balcony instead of ground floor). I move in 2 weeks, on the 14th. It'll be good to be out on my own again.


Blogger mithglin said...

Come to Flooooooorida! No vehical inspections, 500 per month mortgage, 800 per year property taxes, and our lovely weather that changes every 5 minutes!

Seriously, did you check out areas in PA? NJ sucks for home buying. I pay more in taxes on one property with a half acre there than I do on three properties with 1+ acre each here. I will never regret getting out. I hear my old neighborhood is getting rough with gangs and drugs. Down here is quiet. Must be because of the Castle Doctrine :)

6:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where are you looking: city, burbs, a bit in the country?

Property up here is really expensive. It's always less expensive down south as long as you're not in a place like Charleston, where homes are going for 500K +. If you wanted to live upstate and to the west, you can grab a 120 acre parcel with orchard and farm stand with a 9 room BRICK house for about $240K. However, the catch is what jobs are available.

Have you inquired about foreclosures?

NH doesn't have an income tax. ;) Our property taxes might bury you, depending on where you live.

9:01 AM  

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