January 07, 2007


I saw the new Mel Gibson film Apocalypto last weekend. What to say about this film...what to say...well, it was bloody. And brutal. This is not a film for the weak, or the faint of heart. It is a good story, just know that ye have been warned.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beware of the man that runs with Jaguar's, he'll bring about the destruction of the empire. :D

Yep, it was bloody, amusing at times, and on several occasions, a little too much on the "earthy" side.

Some knits, while I realize that a lot of it was Aztec, there was definitely some cultural confusion. More than a few times we were wondering if we were looking at a misplaced Mayan civilization. Not all central and southern American tribes are the same, they are quite distinct and we felt that there was a major blurr. Most likely due in large part to the press that the movie received early on.

Another thing I found jarring was the usage of very clearly modern slang. Like, "He's f*cked."

For a Gibson picture, it was a quantum leap better than "Braveheart". I usually like a picture where Mel doesn't direct AND hold the starring role.

I found the ending to be...anti-climactic.

Is it DVD worthy? I'm not sure how often I'd watch it, but it might be good for gaming inspiration.

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