October 16, 2010


I've decided to reactivate this old fun little BLOG of mine & start putting my (insane) thoughts here again. While my main activity these days is on le Facebook, I plan on putting stuff here that's longer than what would constitute a status update there.

"This was a triumph..."

April 04, 2010

Traded for a Second Round Draft Pick

At last, the sad saga that is Donovan McNabb ends for Philadelphia. After a frustrating series of late season early returns from injuries, only to ruin that year's playoff chances, not to mention the worst clock management I've ever seen in the last two minutes of any Superbowl, McNabb has finally been released from the Eagles.

Kevin Kolb is now the starting quarterback, plus we get a 2nd round draft pick from the Redskins.

Congratulations Mr. Kolb!!!

February 21, 2010

You've Got To Be Kidding Me

I get a lot of weird catalogs in the mail. This past week, I received for the first time the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog.

I have no idea why I was sent this. It's a catalog of high end gifts, the kind of stuff people that can actually afford a million dollar house would buy, mostly likely on a whim.

Their featured item is the Superplexus, a thing that looks more like a movie prop than something one would consider buying for their easily bored child (pictured in the ad). Be sure to check the bottom of the ad for this item's price, which is absolutely jaw dropping.

February 06, 2010

The Coming Snowpocalypse

So tonight and tomorrow we're getting hit with this massive snowstorm. I'm prepared to stay in all day tomorrow, my preparations are made: I've got a full tank of gas, I've got plenty of food and drink, and I've got lots of stuff to do.

After hearing all the talk on the radio today, I got to wonder about some things when it comes to these big storms. These storms happen every year, each year we get at least one. So, what's with all the eggs and milk disappearing every time? Do people really need all those extra cups of hot cocoa? And the eggs, do people actually take the time to cook extra omlettes, or are they just baking cake after cake?

But my big question has to do with shovels, which I hear were sold out at many stores today. We live in the northeast where we get snow reliably every year. Who in their right mind doesn't already have a shovel? Do thousands of households have children that are just coming of age this year, who have earned the right to a shovel of their own? Do shovels break that often? Or does shovel technology update every year and I'm woefully behind the bleeding edge?

January 07, 2010


This week I took time with my son to go watch Avatar and let me tell you, this is a film that's worth seeing...on the big screen, definitely in 3D.

Granted, the story can almost be directly compared to Dances With Wolves or on another planet. Just, with breathtaking special effects...and without that boring Costner guy. But that's perhaps the worst criticism one can level, and it takes quite a stretch to do so because the finished product is just that damned good. It has something for everyone: action for the men, feeling for the more sensitive.

Through Cameron's eyes the characters really come to life, even the two dimensional ones (such as the jarhead military commander or the corporate man, both standards from past Cameron films). While true of the human cast, this is especially true of the aliens that inhabit the world of Pandora, the Na'vi. Despite being computer generated, these beings are a far cry from yesteryear's Jar-Jar Binks. When you're watching the scenes on Pandora, you get fooled into believing it's shot on a set with actors...at least I found my mind making that leap, I kept having to remind myself that it was all really blue screen and motion capture.

The 3D used here, where you wear the newer dark glasses, is used to give each scene depth. There are none of the typical gimmicky 3D shots...you know, where someone points a spear at the hero and it extends out of the screen and past your point of focus onto the tip of your nose.

This is a beautiful piece of filmmaking, a moving work of art. I cannot stress this enough: SEE IT IN 3D!

December 03, 2009

Zen Alarm Clock

So the other day I ordered a Zen Alarm Clock from Now & Zen (mine has bamboo finish and is set to the E cord). I messed around with it a bit yesterday evening, then woke up to it this morning.

Despite the fact that it's not as loud as a traditional alarm clock, I woke up to this no problem. There is also no snooze button, though the chime does ring more than once over the course of 15 minutes (each ring at a shorter interval than the last).

It looks somewhat stylish, though it's more functional than arty. This digital clock also closes to present a box, perfect for travel, and is the only one that currently works off AC power. The chime is much easier to listen to than the normal jarring klaxon of your typical alarm clock. Plus it's different, a trait that almost always draws me in.

October 31, 2009

Paranormal Activity

OK, I just watched the new horror film, Paranormal Activity. I feel safe in saying 'Forget Saw', this is the scariest movie I've seen in a while.

Much like The Blair Witch Project, this is all shot on handheld camera. This time, instead of being lost in the woods and haunted by a witch/ghost/missing party member, it's a young couple who's house is haunted at night.

It's creepy as opposed to gory. It does start out a bit slow, but that's getting to know the characters. Once strange stuff starts happening at night, especially after the boyfriend repeatedly makes light of the situation, tension amps up as the shit gets weirder and weirder.

In the end you get a horror movie that's tastefully well done, and enough lingering effects to awaken you at night when you hear a strange noise.