June 07, 2005

Moving Week

Well, I've got all my Jersey lisence stuff squared away and am signed up for the CDL class (the June class filled up weeks early, so I'm in for July unless one of the June students cancels).

So this week is moving week. Today I'm scheduling the U-Haul and getting the storage space, the rest of this week there will be lots of packing.

The actual move date is the 11th, with the 12th as a backup.


Blogger BRIAN MC said...

Good luck with the move.....and of course school when it starts...but we "have to" fit in Land of the Dead in July when I come to NJ to escape the "horrors" of Michigan!

8:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Goold luck with the move and the class.


7:27 AM  

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