March 30, 2005

Plan B

This week I put my alternate plan for getting out of this job into motion, when I received my rent renewal notice. Per my lease agreement, I have until the 31st to submit my 2 months written notice to vacate at the end of my lease.

First step was to call Randy, make sure the room is still available and work out the terms. He's being more than reasonable, this is no problem at all...and the living conditions will be immeasurably better than the Jeff Situation.

After squaring that away, yesterday I submitted my written notice. Home Properties responded as I expected, with offers of slightly lower rent or cheaper apartments. But they just can't top renting a room off a friend, not only for the price but for the freedom this allows me.

So I'm still job searching - matter of fact, I got a call back from SynerFak today (unfortunately they weren't able to meet my current minimum salary requirement, also it was a temp-to-perm position). I'll have to pay only a partial rent on June 1st (my lease ends on June 15th), so basically sometime in May I'll be giving my 2 weeks notice.


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