May 31, 2006


Over the weekend I saw X3. Actually, I saw it twice.

This movie's pretty good, bordering on great, though in some way it just doesn't live up to the expectation of X2 (or maybe X2 was just that damn good).

The Beast was well done and played well by Kelsey Grammer. Juggernaught was also really cool, as was Kitty Pride and Collossus.

One oddity I noticed was that Phoenix has absolutely no fire powers, it's all levitation and tearing things apart, all while looking like some sort of soulless undead creature. I'm not sure why they changed that, but think it may have something to do with how they concluded the story...and I'll stop there before giving anything away.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was disappointed in the handling of Phoenix. The lack her fire powers (aka the Phoenix effect) made it fall a little flat. Though they probably had to divorce it from the original saga as it appeared in Marvel comics else you get into celestial entities and galactic empires and that is a story in and of itself.

Another disappointment, this is throughout the series, is the fact that I never "felt the love"; that special rapport between Scott and Jean that was stated, nor the really primal connection between Logan (Wolverine) and Jean. It all felt very forced, not unlike Episode II: Attack of the Clones with Padame and Anakin.

I didn't really like the way they handled Cyclops in this final installment and that of Rogue. I guess you can only fit in so much in 2 hours.

On the plus side, Magneto delivered as did Kellsey Grammar. He was perfect for the highly intelligent and sophisticated Hank McCoy (Beast).

Hey, and Storm finally got to fly!

Generally it was good and I would recommend seeing it on the big screen.


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