February 27, 2006


It's been too long since I went to a concert...hell, just this summer I missed both Nine Inch Nails and Live 8 in Philly.

So this past weekend I went on a road trip and saw Nine Inch Nails. This show kicked ass so much, I'd have to rank it right up there as one of the best concerts I've ever seen.

As soon as the first song started playing, the entire stadium got up on its feet and stayed there the entire concert. And while most bands have one or two anthems that the audience sings along with, the crowd was shouting back the lyrics to every friggin' song. The energy level was high and raw for most of the show, except for a bit in the middle where the band played a few of their slower (moodier) songs and showed videos, mostly lots of savage wildlife but with other stuff mixed in. Definitely one of the best shows ever.


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