May 26, 2006

Lacuna Coil

A couple of weeks ago, I heard the song Our Truth by a band I'd never heard of, Lacuna Coil. I was really impressed, so tonight after work I sampled then purchased their album Karma Code, where this song appears.

This group is interesting but hard to pin down, except to say it's a form of rock. If I were to describe them in the form of comparison, I'd have to say it's like combining Evenescence with Korn. The B&N music information lists them as a goth/metal combination, which I guess is accurate.

They're an Italian group, though they sing in English. They're rock is a lot like Evenescence, except it's heavier and perhaps a bit darker. Personally I like one or two songs by Evenescence, but after a while the album gave me mild headaches...I think it has too much trebel for my taste. Anyway, Lacuna Coil (which is Italian for "empty spiral" BTW) has a lot more bass to it, also the music has many moments that have a dramatic feel.

I really dig it, and encourage others to check it out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting. Actually, if you read Evanescence's site, Amy's comments regarding the lyrics are supposed to be "hopeful". Must be a different use of the English language, but I still like the CD.

I'll have to sample "Lacuna Coil".


11:34 AM  

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