April 17, 2006


I just finished watching an episode of the new Dr. Who on the SciFi channel.

Dalek is about the Doctor finding the last surviving Dalek, which is being held prisoner. Apparently, the Time Lords and Daleks wiped each other out in the last "time war", so the Doctor is the last Gallifreyan and he thought all the Daleks whiped out.

While keeping with the old "Exterminate!" bit, this Dalek is extremely intelligent. This is the episode when you learn why the Daleks are so feared, just this one whipes out a whole bunch of people.

Oh, they also resolve the whole Dalek VS stairs issue.


Blogger mithglin said...

#1 son just loves Dr. Who. He hasn't missed an episode since it started. He got in trouble one Thursday and was supposed to be grounded (no TV) on Friday, but begged to watch it. My brother in law got him hooked on it.

6:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Currently the only fix in town for good Sci Fi since we have to wait until October for BSG. :(

Been a Whovian for a long time, since "the Scarf" (aka Tom Baker). This new doctor puts me in mind of Tom Baker and Peter Davidson; a pleasent mixture of personality and benign forgetfulness and boundless enthusiasm.

Haven't missed an episode since it debuted on the SCIFI channel.

Wow, sympathy for a Dalek.

"look, cyberman head in a box!"

12:53 PM  
Blogger Rothar said...

The new Doctor reminds me a lot of Tom Baker ("Scarf") and John Pertwee (the caped Doctor, who preceeded "Scarf"). I remember Peter Davidson was OK, but cold and aloof at odd times.

Sympathy for a Dalek, yeah. It was quite an episode, some of the dialogue was great (you don't often get much more than "EXTERMINATE!" or "DO NOT MOVE!" out of a Dalek!) The Dalek had some ultimate lines in this one:

(looks down) "I am alone in the universe..."
(looks back at Doctor) "So are you."

(again, to Doctor) "You would make a good Dalek."

The episode was interesting in that, you not only felt sorry for a Dalek (okay, maybe just a little), but also the writers managed to convincingly portray the Doctor and the Dalek as too similar to each other. Personally, I'm hoping to see this particular Dalek again.

11:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"odd", I suppose that's all relative, we are after all talking about the Doctor. All of them are a ... bit odd. I mean doctor number two, looked like Moe Howard complete with floor length mink-like coat. John Pertwee looked like he stepped out of Liberachi's rejects closet. ;)

Peter Davidson has a celery stick attached to his lapel and looked like he was always about ready to play cricket. Never thought of him as cold and aloof, but then there was Colin Baker. ICK!!! (can't stress that enough) who was arrogant, rude, the worst doctor EVER! Looked like he was assaulted by a drunken tailor on the cast of Joseph and the Amazing Techni-horror dreamcoat.

It would be cool to see this Dalek again, after all, the Doctor is a TIME LORD.

I'd like to know more about the Time War and how it ended up wiping everyone out on both sides. Being a Time Lord, you'd think it would be possible for the Doctor to go back/across time to that one nexus to attempt to prevent the destruction of both races. though there are cons to that notion. ;) We'll have to discuss it.


8:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was OK with Celery till he got Adric killed.

- Jim

10:35 AM  

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