March 04, 2006

Add Cracker Barrel To The List

Tonight after a very long day at work...nay, a series of very long days...I stopped by Cracker Barrel to get a bite to eat.

Much like the Applebees experience of last year, I sat there apparently invisible to the wait staff. The person who'd originally sat me down was nice enough, and I made eye contact and smiled with all the waiters and waitresses that passed by. The hostess then sat a couple directly behind me. A waitress immediately stopped by, took their drink orders, then returned with liquid refreshment.

At that point I got up and left. The hostess thanked me for visiting, to which I replied "Maybe next time."

Maybe I should have said something, or asked for a manager. I still feel like a dick if I do, and believe me I mulled this over and over before finally leaving. But if there's one thing that I can't stand it's to be ignored, for some reason that jerks my chain real bad.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes. You should have said something. Like I said the last time with the Applebees incident...let them know something is WRONG.

When you just leave...if they didn't notice you while you were there, they certainly won't notice that you left.

I know you have certain expectations about service and expect that it will happen, but dude... the world has changed. Manners and customer service just aren't what they used to be and unless you say something to the's not likely to get any better.

Now, instead of having said something and gotten at least some satisfaction, you're grumbling about it and nothing will change and one bad experience at a restaurant checks off another place on your "not to go" list. ;)

Be a squeaky wheel. Sometimes the "principle of the thing" needs to take a back seat to demanding satisfaction.

I would have gone to the hostess and said, "Is my table covered? I've been sitting there for 5 minutes or what have you and no one has served me." This will usually kick off a flurry of activity. If it doesn't and no one appears...then ask for the manager, register your complaint...THEN leave, and if you're feeling particulary ruthless, tell them, in a not so quiet voice, that you got better service at the worst Mac Donald's or Burger King you can imagine.

Just my two cents.


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