September 10, 2006

That Dark Day

The anniversary is almost upon us. Unfortunately, the media is now saturated with all sorts of specials (as in rememberances and TV movies). Since Thursday I've been severely cranky, irritable, cold and even a bit combative. That was a terrible day, I don't need every television to remind me just how terrible it was.


Blogger mithglin said...

I know what you mean about getting cranky. I get flakey from the middle of Aug to the middle of Sept. I'm glad that the networks are airing these shows. Too many people have become apathetic about what has happened. They fill their lives with petty worries so they don't have to think about the realities that will kill them. BTW one of the nicer memorials is the 2996 project. I talked to the person who is doing Nick and sent her some information and pictures.

2996 Project

The Blogger writing about Nick


6:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dedicated to the memory of all those we have loved and lost.

It is hard to believe
That it’s been only five--
Silence falls at a quarter of nine.

As we bow our heads
As we mark the time;
Memories flood in of the horrible crimes.

A chilling shiver,
Terror descending.
On soaring wings
Of sunlit silver.

A fiery ball,
A smoky plume,
Heroes knowing and accepting their doom.

Of loved ones lost.
The minute has gone.
Sadness remains when the moment is done.

Looking out the window,
With tear misted eyes,
We shall never forget,
Those crystalline blue,
September skies.

Jenn Reed
September 11, 2006

10:44 AM  
Blogger Rothar said...

Thank you Mithglin for the nice words, as well as taking the time to give me a call.

All the stuff on TV and the radio about 9/11 really puts me back in the mood I was in on that day, which was not a good one.

Jenn, thanks for posting the poem, that's a nice touch to an otherwise irritable and cranky BLOG!

11:12 PM  

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