March 11, 2007


I may have just seen the greatest man-movie of all time.

I just saw 300 and was completely and utterly blown away. This movie totally rocks! A must-see for the big screen. The fight scenes, they blow Gladiator away. The experience is truly epic.


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Just saw 300, it was a remake believe it or not. Date was 1961 movie was called "THE 300 SPARTANS"
Both movies blew me away also but 300 was unbelievably awesome.

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Apologies to the BLOG owner, this really should be under the 300 topic and not 2007...

While they may both deal with the events of the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC., I don't think 300 can really be considered a remake of the 1962 movie. 300 is based on a graphic novel, hence its cgi and visual effects and color palette. The movie creators were doing their level best to make it match the style of the graphic novel. It has a similar visual styling as Sin City.


Enter the site and click "About the Movie"

I have to say I like these two quotes from "The 300 Spartans":

Agathon: Leonidas, it is bigger than anything you can imagine. For six days, I watched them pass. Six days! I ran out of numbers and still more of them came. They're drinking the rivers dry. And at night there are more of their campfires than there are stars in the sky!

Leonidas: Good. When I was a boy, I always wanted to reach the stars with my spear.


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I'm only upset that some people liked '300' so much, they even posted about it in an unrelated thread, whereas no one feels the same way I do about 'Call of Cthulhu' or 'Team America'!

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