February 17, 2007

Team America World Police

I've been hearing so much about Team America World Police on the radio (the Preston and Steve show on 93.3 WMMR, to be exact), that last night after work I got a copy for myself. I then spent the next several hours, until 3:30 AM to be exact, watching the entire movie twice and selected scenes multiple times.

This movie is freakin' hilarious, Trey Parker and Matt Stone really nailed this one. I've seen their other movies (South Park, Cannibal The Musical, Orgazmo), but this one really takes the cake and is worth watching more than once. The puppets are actually well done, their "acting" is drop dead funny. It's worth seeing just for the comical/terrifying Kim Jong-Il, plenty of things getting blown up, great dialogue, plus a puppet sex scene that's just retarded. You'll laugh and you'll cry because you're laughing so hard.


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