December 21, 2006

Hand Dryers

The hand dryers one finds in modern public bathrooms, the ones that emit a stream of air, really don't work worth a damn most of the time. I resort to using them only when paper towels aren't available, then usually have to wipe my hands on my pants anyway.

Normally these things just make noise. Some of them actually blow out air, but so feebly that it barely disturbs the wet hairs on my digits.

Today I found one that actually works, but it was so powerful that I was afraid it would tear the skin right off my hands. And it was as loud as a jet engine. I left that restroom temporarily deaf, but with dry hands that felt somehow strange.


Blogger JimInNJ said...

Where was this wondrous machine?

- Jim

9:39 AM  
Blogger Rothar said...

Right in your neck of the woods, at the brand new Wawa on your way to the Boonies. Go into their men's room, press the button, and prepare to be blasted!

12:21 AM  

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