February 20, 2005

World of Warcraft

First thing I have to say about this game is - HOLY CRAP!

John's been telling me how ultimate this game is for a couple of weeks. Basically he says this is Diablo with updated graphics, 3rd person perspective, and filled to the brim with other players.

He wasn't lying. Last night he showed me just what was up with this game. I was so impressed that I rushed out first thing this morning to buy it and have been playing nearly all day.

I've got a dark elf (they're good in this game) named Talamar, who's a thief. Then I've got a human warlock named Grimslayer - believe it or not, that name was available.

This evening John's character, a dwarven hunter named Baulgrinder (John does have a crude mannish sense of humor), he gave me a tour of the game areas. There's a city in this game that is so big that I would have gotten lost but for him. It had canals, a cathedral, and a subway that ran into a dwarven city with the biggest friggin' forge I've ever seen!

If any of you have a role playing bone left in your body, you've got to play this game! I can't begin to describe how cool it is to team up with friends or even total strangers, so you all can complete your quests. If anyone does join, just send a message to Talamar or Grimslayer and I'll help you out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ray, if you are who you think you are you will remember the name's "Illio Badre" Dan Spinelli, Paul Mackay and Rich Russo. I am Jeff Cahill and you can contact me at tebren@comcast.net

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