February 04, 2005

Thank You All

Just a quick update on my job situation - Now I'm breathing easier. The panic has finally ebbed, I'm actually sleeping at night and my appetite has returned. I really should write the Stress Diet book, I lost close to 10 pounds and am eating less!

Anyway, as my friends John and Dorothy both pointed out, I've dallied and vacillated too long. I'd get digruntled or pissed off, then job search for an hour or maybe a week, then get comfortable again and blow it off for months at a time.

NO MORE! I'm hammering my job search, looking each and every day. My goal is to get out of this job as soon as possible, into something stable that will pay the bills. Then I will impliment "plan B" (which is getting my CDL) on my own time, so I have something to fall back on or try out.

To all my friends who've offered to help in one way or another, I can't thank each of you enough. I'm doing my very best to stand on my own two feet and do what I feel is right, the suggestions and added sense of safety you've each contributed is truly priceless.


Anonymous Jenn said...

Any progress?

8:59 AM  
Blogger Rothar said...

I've had a couple of call backs, nothing solid on that front.

I had an interview on the 14th that went well. The manager called me on the 20th to say that they're real impressed and want to bring me on, as soon as they can find a project to fund me under.

Other than that, still looking.

12:23 PM  

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