August 23, 2004


Okay, first of all this review is over a week late. I saw this movie opening weekend while up in NH visiting Jennifer & Bob, this was after dropping my son off. Pete was supposed to set up a new date because I couldn't make opening night, but he's gone and dropped off the face of the earth again.

Anyway, let me say that this movie is really cool! I for one went in expecting this to totally suck, but came out pleasantly surprised...and relieved.

Now let's face it, the premise is just totally dumb. Especially one flash back where they explain how the pyramid got there - apparently Predators gave humans culture and advanced stoneworking technology, ala Chariots of the Gods, in exchanged for fueling the Predator's hunts.

But with that aside, it actually follows the graphic novel somewhat. The badass girl in this one proves herself to a Predator. Seeing that kept in the film was a nice touch, that's part of what made the graphic novel so cool.

Like last years Freddy VS Jason, this film will please both Predator and Alien fans. All the Predator's gizmos are there, including an updated version of the flying disk. And the movie is peppered with references to earlier movies: In one scene they've even got Mr. Wayland (who's middle name is Bishop - played by the same actor) is sitting at a desk finishing some report and idly plays mumbly-peg with his pen. It's nice touches like this that make this film DVD worthy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It dawned on me, that after seeing this film, that the ending eludes to the future and sets the scene for Alien.

Something about a spaceship? *evil grin*

So I guess we know who finally won that fight. ;)


9:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My Favorite part is when the face huggers are just starting to come out and the one chick asks "What do they call this part of the temple"......I dont think they knew what was about to get them!

Zombie Master

8:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah the movie rocked, Predators and aliens slugging it out....priceless. Like Ray said, I also didn't go in Axe-pecting much, how could any movie live up to the hype? But it was well Axe-ecuted and enjoyable to watch. It would have been a classic get together but alas, it could not be. I went alone on Saturday afternoon.


1:21 AM  

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