June 09, 2004

Good Night, Mr. President

I remember President Ronald Reagan as the best president in my lifetime.

Of course I knew nothing of politics as a child. I vaguely remember seeing Nixon on TV, and my neighbors dad saying something about 'the President is in a lot of trouble'. Then he stepped down, but the fact that the President could be a criminal was something I was too naive to really understand.

I don't recall anything about Ford. Carter I remember all too well, his was the Presidency that I feel came closest to ruining our nation. I can remember the hostage crisis and long gas lines, not to mention the Soviet threat, but he seemed completely helpless.

President Reagan turned that all around. I remember hearing over the Lakewood High School PA that Reagan had been sworn in...then about 40 minutes or so later that the hostages were released! He stood up to Iran, Lybia, the Russians...hell, he wasn't afraid to stand up to anybody! And when someone like France stood in the way (as in not letting us fly over their air space), Reagan would just find another way.

Reagan was the first President who made me feel proud to be an American, because of the conviction and the strength he displayed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Good night, sweet prince. May flights of angels sing you to your rest."

I think Mr. Reagan would be embarrassed by the fuss of a nation that grieved his passing. He was a man with a strong work ethic and probably would have found himself thinking..."You closed down the federal government, for Me?"

He was the first President I voted for and not for party lines and not as the "lesser of two evils", which seems to be the case in recent presidential elections, but because I really liked him. He had a quiet grace and humility. When other politicians were shouting, he would speak softly and bring you to him.

He may have been an actor, but I don't think his presidency was an act. He seemed genuine, a believer in this nation and its people. I am really going to miss him, but I smile and say "he was 93 and had a wonderful life and achieved great things".


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