June 21, 2004

The West Virginia Barbed Wire Massacre

Just wanted to make another post about this movie I watched over at my parent's house, Wrong Turn.

It's your typical slasher movie, so if you like that kind of fare you might find it entertaining. I'm so jaded though that it almost seemed boring to me. It follows the usual slasher movie rules, you can pretty much predict who's going to die when.

In a lot of ways this is a bad knock off of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, maybe seasoned with a bit of Deliverance. Takes place in West Virginia, features a hick family, chief weapon this time is barbed wire. They've even got all these wrecked cars from their victims stored around the place, which I think TCM had too.

What's weird about this movie are the killers themselves. We don't see them for a long time, just see their boots as they shuffle about and make moaning and wheezing noises. When you finally do see these guys, they're practically mutants. Matter of fact, they bear a striking resemblance to some of the orcs from Lord Of The Rings! Take the pale and bony "What about them? They're fresh!" orc from Two Towers, except make him chitter and laugh the whole time. Throw in the Uruk-Hai chief with the mad archery skills from Fellowship Of The Ring (yes, one of these guys actually has a bow and orc arrows!) Finally, throw in the deformed orc general from Return Of The King. Give them barbed wire, a shotgun, a big tow truck and no dialogue and you've got Wrong Turn!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a map and I know how to use it-- unlike 3 teens in the black hills of Maryland. ;)

I like classic horror which deals with suspense and the audiences imagination...those that still have it. Never did care much for slasher films. To me entertainment is not proportional to the amount of blood being sprayed across the screen. Even as an unjaded viewer, I find most of the plots (if they even exist), very pedestrian and highly predictable and not "scarry" which is really what I thought the point was, fear of the unknown, the unseen. I think that so far, the Sixth Sense does the best to capture this type of terror.

We saw the remake of 13 Ghosts, not sure if it was a Sci-Fi Original or the one from the theatre, but at least it was interesting the villian's plan to use the spirits that he helped create to open a gateway and unleash Hell on Earth. It was gorey but not overly so. Unlike Jeeper's Creepers. Ugh... that primarily ended up as background noise to something else I was doing at the time.

I shall take your advice and avoid making a wrong turn.

9:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "only" thing worth wathing in this movie was Elisza Dushku running around, everything else was garbage!

The Lich King

8:42 PM  

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