June 21, 2004

Chronicles of YAWN

I saw Chronicles of Riddick over the weekend - for anyone who's planning to see it, get yourself a copy of Pitch Black and watch that again. It's a far more satisfying film.

For one, whoever did the audio editing should be forced to listen to Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby" for 4 consecutive hours. The level ranges from huge explosions, to whispered dialogue that I'd need a hearing aid to understand. Whispers are okay if a hot chick is whispering "I love you" to the leading man, but they're not cool when a main plot point or something technical is said in a whisper. Seriously, that's what they did!

The story is just enough to string the explosions and fights together, but that's typical action movie fare. The plot is of course confusing, or should I say more confusing than usual for a science fiction film.

Riddick however loses his cool. At the end of the movie he actually emotes! Unfortunately instead of being pissed or showing another manly emotion, he's sad then confused. Riddick, the cocky and cold-blooded bastard, is sad and confused. Bad time to flex those acting muscles, Vin!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Chronicles of Trash" should have been the title, enough said!

The Lich King

8:45 PM  

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