August 03, 2004

The Village

Over the weekend I saw M. Night's The Village with my friends Jennifer & Bob. It was pretty good - not a classic like Sixth Sense but certainly better than Signs and maybe even Unbreakable.

I'm not going to break out the spoilers. Let's just say that this is an M. Night film, which is to say it's like an episode of the Twilight Zone - not everything is what it seems. The twist in this film is definitely more satisfying than the one in Signs.

I will say that this film is creepy, perhaps his creepiest work, having at times an almost nightmarish feel.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having seen the film with Ray, I would have to say for me, it was a slow build to get to something "interesting" or "exciting". Having said that, there was one spot in this film that gave me the absolute creeps. It was definitely the stuff of nightmares, right down to a physical reaction I experienced during the film. I won't tell you what scene, all I can say is I can still remember the feeling, the icy chill in my heart, the pin pricks in my stomache, and the goosebumps that followed and stayed for about 5 minutes afterward. Very unsettling.

I haven't seen the other M. Night's save the Sixth Sense which I think is still the best.

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