August 09, 2009

Class of 84

So last night was our 25th high school reunion.

It was a bit strange, cause back in high school I was not one of the 'cool kids'. I wasn't a jock, a prep, or even a burnout. Nerds were not cool back then, the term being synonymous with geek or dork, but I wasn't one of those either. Nor was I a goth, though we had one or two of those (who were cool people once you talked to them, but goth wasn't 'in' at all back then). I was someone outside the normal social classes, though not an outcast by any means (hell, back in elementary school I was voted 'Class Clown' more than once!)

The upside to that was, due to my ability to listen as well as talk clearly, I was able to interact with anyone, despite which group they belonged to, but without having to fit in (wear the right jeans or sneakers, have the permed hair, be on a team or in honors).

I went to the 5 year reunion and it was still all the same groups as in high school, it was like nothing had changed.

Last night was a totally different story. While people did naturally fall in with those they new best, we were all talking to each other very freely. And there were plenty of those awkward "Um...Who are you?" moments (I know I had a few). But the night was full of renewed friendships, new friendships, news on those not present, and lots of laughter.

The plan is to do this once a year, same week in August at the same location (probably followed by an invasion of the same diner afterwards, the OB Diner at Rts. 88 and 35 in Point Pleasant). And I'm sure some of us will be getting together sooner.


Blogger Jenn said...

Glad you had a good time. This conflicted with something that I had already scheduled. Maybe one of these days I'll promises though.

12:16 PM  
Blogger Rothar said...

Oh I hear you. I almost didn't go...again. After going to the 5-year, I was turned off. But Brad talked me into it, and it was a lot better than the 5-year. Everyone's grown up...and human.

11:20 PM  

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