May 14, 2009

Manhattan Special Espresso Coffee Soda

A couple of days ago I got to take my lunch break in the Cranbury/Dayton area (an industrial area of New Jersey just off Rt. 130, north of Hightstown and East Windsor).

Despite being industrial, the area is notoriously truck-unfriendly. The only game in town for truckers is the new gas station that opened up at the intersection of Rts. 535 and 522...but being the only real truck stop in the area, it's always jam packed.

There is a Wawa at the south end of the industrial zone, where Prospect Plains Rd. crosses Applegarth. The entire plaza has 'No trucks over 4 tons' signs at every entrance. The only area to park on the side of the road has 'No stopping or standing' signs. And while there is a commuter parking lot nearby, I've been told by another trucker that it's an expensive parking ticket.

The only available option is to park across from the commuter lot, in a vacant warehouse lot.

So anyway, this strip mall with the Wawa also has a pizza place, Antonios. Good place, great food.

Even better, they carry a drink called Manhattan Special Espresso Coffee Soda.

It comes in a small glass bottle, 8 ounces of syrupy, coffee goodness.


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