July 25, 2009

Surf Taco

On Thursday I stopped at my usual Wawa for my lunch break, only to find that they had no power. Inexplicably, the new strip mall behind them had all their power, so I wandered over and tried the Surf Taco.

Granted, fish tacos aren't as tasteriffic as the stuff you'd normally get, Surf Taco is not meat slathered with sauce and cheese. It is layered on a taco with other stuff (veggies, slaw, what-not) that makes it interesting or gives it a unique texture. I tried two different things, seeing as you can order combination platters, and both were pretty good. I'm looking forward to getting more adventurous with their menu.

(I should note that my parents tried it and, to quote my dad, "It tastes like cardboard." I, however, beg to differ.)


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