January 23, 2009

'A Moment that will Define a Generation'

On the 20th President Barack Obama, our first black President, was sworn into office.

I was just pulling into one of my stops when I heard him sworn in (with that unfortunate flub). Later, while driving to my next stop, I got to hear the latter half of his speech.

He struck a great tone coming in, saying what everyone expected him to say and some things that I think everyone hoped he would say.

Even though I didn't vote for him, I'm glad he's in office. Not just for what he represents, but for the positive change he can make, both in America and in the world's view. Too many saw Bush as a bully or even a villain, surely he's put us into questionable moral positions (Iraq and Guantanamo Bay come to mind).

For the first time since Ronald Reagan, I feel a renewed hope in the American Dream.


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Blogger Rothar said...

lawl - sorry, not interested enough in politics to follow links ;-)

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