June 03, 2007

Pirates 3 & Spidey 3

I saw both these films, they're good. Gotta give props to Pirates though, it stomped on the spider. Hard to believe that it's as good as the 1st and 2nd films, not a dud like Matrix Revolutions. It does take just a bit to get going and gets a little weird in the middle, then again that bit keeps true to old sailor's tails. The ending is interesting, I like how they wrap things up...don't worry, I won't give away any spoilers!

Spidey was good, there was just a whole lot packed into this film. It could have been fine with Sandman (who was done excellent screen justice, his character was better than in the comic, where he's just a thug with magical powers) and Harry/Hobgoblin. Don't get me wrong, I'm a Venom fan from waaaay back...hell, I remember how Peter Parker really got the black symbiotic suit! He was well done and deserves his own film, it's just the picture was a little crowded with villians.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I haven't seen Pirates yet. Planning to hit the theatre this weekend, now that the buzz has bleed off a little.

I concur in regard to Spider-Man 3. Christian Hayden Church was excellent as the Sandman. While I like Toper Grace as Erik, from that 70s show, I didn't think he was the ideal candidate for 'Eddie Brock'. I also don't think it was the best of the three. I think I'd have to say Spider-man 2 was my favorite.

Looking forward to FF4: Rise of the Silver Surfer, The Transformers, and the Order of the Phoenix. Should begin the summer nicely.

10:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I saw Pirates 3 and it was very good. The part "on the udder side" was a beet wheerd. ;)

It was enjoyable. Figured out a few things a bit early on, but the end was not completely expected. But recommend it for an enjoyable weekend movie.

9:22 AM  

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