October 16, 2004


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I just noticed The Runes of the Earth on the bookshelves - this is the first book in 4 of The Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant.

I realize that was unusually short, so let me add a little bit of filler here at the end.

Basically this picks up a few years after the last book, Dr. Avery now has a child...who is arranging her toys to represent The Land - GASP! Where things go from there, the book's jacket does not say.

Now that I'm thinking about the original books, I remember embarrassingly little about them...except that they were damn good. One fact that does stand out in my memory is that time works differently in The Land, so when Thomas Covenant would return there an Earth week later, centuries had passed in the fantasy world.

I also recall there was some initial disappointment with the second series, as the introduction of Dr. Avery confirmed for Thomas Covenant that The Land was indeed real and not his personal halucination.

Other than his Thomas Covenant books, I've also read both collections of Stephen R. Donaldson's short stories, as well as the two book series Mordant's Need (The Mirror Of Her Dreams and A Man Rides Through) - all were excellent.


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