September 30, 2004

Jack Daniel's Gets Watered Down!

I've enjoyed Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 for years, but I've just found out that they're reducing the alcohol content.

First off, Jack gets water added to it as soon as it comes out of the barrel, taking it down from over 120 proof (60% alcohol).

Over 15 years ago, the makers of Jack Daniel's decided to reduce the finished product from 90 proof to 86 proof. Now, they've snuck in another reduction, so what you're buying right now is only 80 proof (or 40% alcohol).

They do this by adding water.

I signed this online petition aimed at bringing Old No. 7 brand back to its original alcohol content. At the time I signed there were over 1300 signatures. So get on there and sign that petition and (dare I say it?) boycott Jack Daniel's!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

4384. I don't drink, but JD is an American Icon and I it's ashame they feel the need to water it down or change a recipe.

Look at the outcry when Coca Cola changed their formula to taste more like Pepsi. Where's new coke onw?

3:24 PM  

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