May 23, 2004

An Adventurer Is You!

One of my recent favorite websites is the Kingdom of Loathing. This is an online Role Playing Game (RPG), but not in the style of Neverwinter Nights or Everquest. Some key differences:

- this runs in your browser
- all artwork is crudly drawn (stick figures)
- the currency in the Kingdom of Loathing is meat
- everything from the character classes, item names, even combat descriptions, is funny.

I highly recommend you waste some time here. Tell 'em Thugno sent you:


Blogger mithglin said...

Mithglin the mighty Accordian Theif and Mariachi Larcenist, attacks with her Moxious Manuever... Oops sorry wrong site.

I'll get you for this Rothar!!!

3:28 PM  
Blogger Rothar said...

Don't make me hit you with my Scary Stick
(yes, that's an actual item in the find one in the Scary Woods!)

4:12 PM  
Blogger mithglin said...

I don't know about a scary stick, but I have a spooky stick

2:01 PM  

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