September 28, 2008

My 2009 Calendar

Several months ago I caught an article on self publishing that featured links to a number of sites, including Lulu. Then I later found out that you can create calendars on Lulu.

Now I'm a big fan of art and enjoy all sorts of computer wallpaper, which I change daily. But the thought of creating a calendar with images I hand picked was just too good to pass up.

It arrived last week and it's beautiful! I can't find links to all the images, but here are most of them:

January (screen capture from Babylon 5)
March - a wallpaper created from this strip on Penny Arcade
April - a clever digital manipulation, April Fools!
July - a closeup on the snake's head doubles as the cover
November (photo of a leaf floating on pond, dark blue, w/black branches reflected in water.)
December (there are 4 images in 'water flame fantasy', you should Google it.)

For those that know me well enough, you're probably saying "What, no Trek?" There was an image that was a close runner-up, but just didn't make the cut this year.


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