May 19, 2008

MMR-B-Q 40th Birthday Party

On Sunday I went to the all day concert for 93.3 WMMR. It was at the Camden waterfront arena (which keeps changing names). Unfortunately I had a lawn ticket, so I got very wet! But I was right up on the railing the whole time, even managed to hold onto my spot for Stone Temple Pilots.

Jealousy Curve opened the show. They're a local band that's just breaking into the scene, they were very good and a great choice to open. Another group of locals, Silvertide, was also very good.

Airbourne is a new band out of Austrailia, they rocked the house like AC/DC in their early Bonn Scott days. As far as I'm concerned, they stole the show everyone that followed except for the last two acts.

Ashes Divide, which is made up of members of A Perfect Circle (I think), was next up. They were okay, but kinda poppy, which would have been very cool in the 80s.

Then The Hooters played, talk about a trip back to the 80s. They were very good, but in a nostalgic way. Their sound is very much rooted in the 80s, I still like a lot of their songs but it's not like I'm going to get a CD. Now back in the day, I owned two and never thought I'd part with them!

Everclear was next up. For a band that's been around a while and gotten plenty or airplay, I was underwhelmed.

Staind came on next, finally re-establishing the rock. They really tore it up, sounding easily as good or better than their album cuts. Surprisingly, I knew most of the songs...I may have a new artist to add to my collection.

Finally, Stone Temple Pilots. Who knew that STP would ever get back together? And after all the "We know how to handle a lead singer with substance abuse problems" talk from Slash, I didn't expect Velvet Revolver to dump Scott Wyland just after their second album came out. But now STP is back with a vengeance! They really rocked, they were in perfect form and the whole place was energized.


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