April 05, 2008


I just purchased my first sword, a Adam Hsu Corn Leaf Saber by Paul Chen. The design is inspired by the Katana, but I like the simplicity of this design as well as the feel of the wood handle. The length is nice and it's very nicely balanced.

I've always wanted a sword, specifically a katana, but have never been able to find a design I liked. Then, last weekend while palling around with Jim and Rusty, we went into a medieval shop just to look around. I noticed they had Bill's sword from Kill Bill, and when one of the employees noticed my interest, started showing me around.

Of course they've got all the stuff you'd expect, Bill's and the Bride's sword, every weapon and at least one shield from Lord of the Rings, Hiro's sword from Heroes, even the one Morpheus used in Matrix Reloaded. And while the Morpheus one was tempting, it just never felt right settling for a Hollywood or fantasy blade.

Thanks to Jill and Jenn & Bob, I know of Paul Chen's work, so I asked if he had any. He pointed out one glass case with a bunch of expensive stuff (we're talking roughly $300-$500), then another glass case with the really expensive stuff. Wow.

But there were a couple more Paul Chen's on the rack, along with the Morpheus and Kill Bill stuff. Rusty initially asked to see it, but I had to take a look. The wood is a beautiful counter to the metal blade, more elegant in my opinion than the traditional Katana wraps that you see on every shelf...they just look too fake to me. And the balance...hell, the blade itself just felt right to me, there's just no other way to describe it.

So I took a week to think about it, and have not just returned home with my new sword. Time to go out and save the world!


Blogger Jenn said...

Congrats. Paul Chen is one of the best. As long as the blade isn't stainless... then it is a great sword to have and not some "wall-hanger"; I am embarrassed to say that I have one of those wall-hanger types of Katana's.

However, I recently acquired a Medieval style sword that I've coveted for years: A German Gothic Bough or Writhen based on the Royal Armouries in Leeds, UK sword that is on loan and currently being displayed in the Frazier Museum in Kentucky. It is a hand and a half riding sword of the 1450s.

I'll show it to you when you visit.

8:54 AM  
Blogger Rothar said...

Nice blade, I especially like the metallic hilt.

11:50 PM  

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