March 21, 2008

The Late, Great Sir Arthur C. Clarke

Perhaps best noted for the screenplay and novel for 2001: A Space Odyssey, he was a revolutionary futurist who helped turn science fiction into science fact.

He proposed the use of geosynchronous orbits for communications satellites, and predicted that man would land on the moon...both in the 1940s!

Just a few months ago, I clipped a quote from him in a news article, which I thought was interesting and would make a good signature bit for my emails. Now I see it as one last vision of the future that I hope comes true:

"Over the next 50 years, thousands of people will travel to earth orbit and then to the moon and beyond. Space travel and space tourism will one day become almost as commonplace as flying to exotic destinations on our own planet."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, we'll be in our 90s...assuming we live that long. Right now, generation Y nasa engineers are not so certain that their generation has any real interest in Nasa or its mission. Maybe this notion of "Space Above and Beyond" might be realized in the private sector.

Who knows...

12:54 PM  
Blogger Rothar said...

Or it might become realized by...the Virgle Project?

11:04 PM  

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