January 06, 2008

Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem

I just saw AVP-R and was pleasantly surprised. Not only is it entertaining, and not only is it better than the previous AVP, but it's clearly one of the best films of either series.

It takes place right after the end of the first film, with a Predalien being born on the Predator ship. This causes the Predators to crash outside a Colorado town. The Predalien and several face huggers survive and begin to spread

A lone Predator receives the distress call on the Predator homeworld. He gets his gear and departs. Much mayhem and bloodshed ensue.

This Predator is not out to make friends, he's all about kicking ass and making sure none of his technology falls into alien (ie. Human) hands. On set they referred to him as "Wolf", after the character Winston Wolf in Pulp Fiction, who gets called in to clean up the mess. Humans are in the way, in which case he eliminates them...or uses them as bait.

For this film, they went back to stuntmen in Alien suits; only the tails were CGI. The Predalien is the dominant member of this bunch, the other Aliens yield to him just as wolves yield to the alpha of the pack.

The only winners here are the few humans who manage to survive...and the audience, who get finally get treated to a good Alien/Predator movie!

(incidentally, there is no Easter Egg at the end of the credits)


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