January 23, 2008

Hoodie Paragon

Over the weekend, I picked up a new hoodie from Old Navy.

You see, I needed something for my workouts, since I'm out jogging again and it's cold. And I've found Old Navy to be an excellent source for jeans, they're both comfortable and don't wear quickly. Plus, as they say, "the price is right" (it's on sale for $12, but outlet malls such as Franklin Mills have them for $6.)

This may be the most comfortable hoodie I've ever worn.

It's something between clingy and baggy. I'm not sure how this is done, maybe it's the fabric (60% cotton / 40% polyester), the weave, or the weight. But for something so lightweight, it keeps you warmer than it should, precisely because it clings just right. The sleeves stay at your wrists, they don't creep down your hands. And the hood...ah, the hood...'twould make a Sith lord proud. It's big enough and , thanks to the drawstring, actually has enough weight that a light breeze won't blow it off your head every few seconds.

I now own three of these: one for my workouts, another for work, and a stylish black for my duster, leather jacker, or just by itself. If you want one of these amazing hoodies for yourself, then head to an Old Navy before they sell out...because freaks like me are buying them up!

(Old Navy 'Basic Issue', made in Bangladesh)


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