August 04, 2007

B5 - The Lost Tales

Babylon 5 - The Lost Tales is a welcome new addition to the Babylon 5 saga, even though it only contains 2 short tales focusing on just a handful of the original cast (one article mentioned a third story, involving Garibaldi, that was scrapped because it was simply too long).

The first story, involving Commander Lockley, basically takes the Exorcist and puts it in space. It's a simple and fast piece, a good twist on an oft-told tale.

The second, focusing on President Sheridan and featuring the technomage Galen, involves him needing to take a life now to save New York City from complete and utter destruction in his future. What's great about this piece is seeing Sheridan in action again; both the actor as well as J.M.S. got the character "right" even after all this time.

Included on the DVD are also touching memorials to Richard Biggs (who played Dr. Franklin) and to Andreas Katsulas (who not only played, but fleshed out, G'Kar), both of whom have died.


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